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JFON DFW Regional Executive Director

Graham Bateman joined the JFON DFW team in October 2016. She brings a depth of experience to her role, having practiced law since 1986 and served several years as the Attorney and Director of a faith-based, non-profit immigration legal services organization in Louisiana. Graham likes to be an active part of the community of which she is a part and has a natural gift for connecting with those around her.

She brings an enthusiasm to her work, a compassion for the people she serves, and a desire to have an impact on a community through a not-for-profit organization. She says, “This is my dream job!” She offices on the Grapevine First United Methodist Church campus, and may be reached at or at 225-937-8195.


JFON DFW Regional Attorney

Ana Laura Arellanos-Baeza is a graduate of Baylor Law School and an attorney licensed in Texas.  We are so fortunate that she joined JFON-DFW in August of 2017!

Ana is herself an immigrant from Mexico.  She recalls seeing her mother, a college-educated English speaker, struggle to figure out the forms she needed to file for Ana’s residency.  “Her frustration and fear imprinted in me the desire to help the immigrant community,” Ana says.  Ana finds that her own immigrant background, and especially her abilities as a native Spanish speaker, makes it easier for her to connect with clients.  She offices on the Grapevine First United Methodist Church Campus and may be reached at or 817-310-3820.

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